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Complete and accurate case notes are important whenever you take action on a case or speak with a client.

The information below provides important items to document in case notes that are specific to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (ABD) program.

Interview Notebook

  • Case Info
    • Record the address and relationship of the person who handles the client’s business.  This is especially important when the client is a minor.
  • Intake / Household tab
    • Document if the client had medical services in any of the three months prior to the application date that need to be considered.
  • Income
    • Copy and paste the CID screen into the case notes when the client is a minor.
    • Also, for individuals who receive VA Aid and Attendance, document the amount and whether it is being paid to a caregiver.
    • Record calculations for dividing income between eligible spouses who are both receiving a state supplemental payment.
    • Record any deduction such as $20 general income deduction and 1/3 deduction from child support
    • Explain any use of ABD Earned Income Formulas
    • Document any ineligible child allocations included in calculations
  • Resource tab
    • Resources are a factor of eligibility for the ABD program.  Be sure to document the client’s resources and how they were verified.
    • Record how any excess resources were spent down.
    • Record 90-day good faith effort follow-ups if there is property that is up for sale.
    • Record any resource estimate values which the client was required to provide.
  • TPL
    • Document any insurance coverage which the client has.  Include details such as policy number, start date, coverage type, and policy holder, etc.
    • Explain how health insurance was verified.
    • Document when any previous health insurance coverage was terminated.
  • Medical
    • Record if a child’s parent or guardian wants SSI-DCP services for any child who receives SSI benefits from the Social Security Administration.
    • If the cash benefit (state supplemental payment) closes, be sure to document the status of the medical benefit.

Eligibility Notebook

  • Medical General
    • Record the reason for any LOCEU decisions and when the next decision will be needed.
    • Document the client’s categorical relationship.
  • Fin. Assistance tab
    • Record eligibility for Special Medical status determination.

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