Case Notes: Understanding Case Note Types

computer, man at computer in background.Each Case Note that is entered into FACS is arranged under a specific Case Note heading.   It is important to realize that while many of the Case Note headings match the FACS tab under which they are entered, this is not always the case.  The list below shows the FACS tab and the corresponding Case Note heading that comes from that tab.

Interview Notebook

FACS Tab Case Note Heading
Case Info Case Information
Intake Intake Information
Household Household
Income Income
Exp Services Expedited Services
Resource Resource
Deprivation Deprivation
Child Care Day Care
TPL Third Party Liability
Custody Custody
Medical Medical
Expenses Expenses
Shelter Shelter
Social Services Social Services

Eligibility Notebook

FACS Tab Case Note Heading
Fin. Assistance ED-Financial Assistance
Medical Gen. ED-Medical–General
Medical Fin. ED-Medical–Financial
Child Care ED-Social Services
Auth. LT Care ED-Auth Long Term Care
Auth. PP Care ED-Auth Postpartum Care
Auth. ST Care ED-Auth Short Term Care
Auth. Daycare ED-Auth Day Care
Auth. ET&E ED-Auth ET&E

Also, all Case Notes entered from any tab in the Eligibility Notebook will have a Case Note heading which begins with ED. This stands for Eligibility Determination. Therefore, it you are reading a Case Note with a heading of “SNAP”, this entry came from the SNAP or ABAWD tab in the Interview notebook; a heading label “ED-SNAP”, means the entry came from the SNAP tab in the Eligibility Notebook.

There are also Case Note headings which are not associated with any particular FACS tab. Currently, these choices include “Change”, “ED-Auth Vol Day Care”, “ED-Auth Waivered Services”, “ED-Social Service”, “Narrative”, “Other”, and “TANF Work”.

You can change the Case Note heading when you are inserting a new Case Note. For example, if you are on the Income tab in the Interview Notebook and you choose to enter a Case Note from there, the heading for that note would come up as “Income”. You could then click on the drop down arrow for a choice of note headings and select the note type which you wanted and enter the note. You can do this on any FACS tab.

Always remember as you enter Case Notes, to place the information under a Case Note heading which will make it easy for you and others to find.

There may be templates or other resources such as the SNAP Case Note Reference Guide to direct your case notes. Please follow your Regional or County Office guidelines for these.

Your supervisor, and many others including yourself need to be able to locate case information quickly and easily in order to fulfill the DHS Mission and “improve the quality of life of vulnerable Oklahomans by increasing people’s ability to lead safer, healthier, more independent and productive lives.”

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