Quality Service: Compassion – Barriers & Solutions: Cultural

Cultural Barriers
Some things that hinder compassion are related to:

  • Personal Bias;
  • Different Values;
  • Language differences; or
  • Ethnicity.

Cultural Solutions
Some simple ways we can address the cultural barriers to compassion are to…
Be Self-Aware:

  • Identify your own biases and prejudices;
  • Challenge your own preconceived ideas of what and who people are;
  • Recognize biases and prejudices in others.

Focus on Others:

  • Learn about other ethnic groups and cultures;
  • Learn what gestures they deem respectful/disrespectful;
  • Look for opportunities to connect to others;
  • Find things you have in common instead of ways you differ;

Practice Empathy

  • Remember Empathy seeks to understand and moves toward compassion (which moves into action)
  • Keep in mind Sympathy is a feeling. (Feeling sorry for them but not doing anything to help)

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