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Personal Barriers
Some things that hinder compassion are the very things we often feel, such as . . .

    • Fear of failure;
    • Fear of rejection;
    • Fear of being misunderstood; or
    • Fear of not having all the answers.


    • Work fatigue;
    • Caretaker fatigue; or
    • Personal fatigue (e.g., not enough sleep).


    • Too much work to do at work and at home;
    • Not enough skill or experience to feel confident; or
    • Not feeling appreciated.

Emotionally Depleted:

    • Not always the best at taking care of ourselves.

Personal Solutions
Some simple ways we can address the personal barriers to compassion are:

    • Smile and you’ll be surprised how this relieves tension (for yourself and others);
    • Use the power of positive self-talk or positive affirmation;
    • Remind yourself of the importance of the work you do;
    • Remind yourself you’re not perfect and you don’t have to have all the answers;
    • Remind yourself this too shall pass.
    • Debrief with friends, coworkers, family, counselor, pastor, etc.;
    • Take care of your own emotional, spiritual and physical health.

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