Quality Service: Compassion – Using Stories

As you see instances where compassion is used, document the story and use your stories to teach younger or less experienced workers. By sharing real life examples of compassion, we influence the future culture of DHS. There are hundreds of stories of compassion to draw from right where you live.

  • Several AFS & CW workers collaborated to find a backpack for a client who rode a bike to and from the office. The backpack enabled the client to carry a food box home.
  • A medical worker came in to the hospital an hour early in order to do paperwork for a client’s eligibility.
  • The “The Ladies of Tinker”, are a Midwest City group that makes quilts. They gave a quilt to an AFS worker for a gentleman in the nursing home. The man had tears in his eyes and couldn’t speak when he received it. The front desk nurse said it was the first time she had ever seen him smile.

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