Quality Service: Integrity – Self-Assessment

Susie receives a call from a Ms. Norris inquiring about her case. Susie explains that IMS is currently down and informs the client that she will return her call when the system is back up and running. 30 minutes later IMS is back up and running. Susie looks up Ms. Norris’ case and realizes it’s in a co-worker’s worker number. The integrity driven Susie would:
John is not sure if rental insurance is an allowable deduction for SNAP when coding his case. John knows he can ask his supervisor or co-worker later that day because he wants to take a break in 5 minutes. An integrity driven John decides
Mary discovers that she forgot to certify an expedited SNAP application, not only on the same day, but even within seven days. Integrity driven Mary decides to
Darryl’s friend and fellow co-worker, Rob notices that Darryl is interviewing his ex-girlfriend Samantha for benefits. After the interview Rob approaches Darryl and says, “Hey Darryl, does Samantha still have that low life boyfriend living with her?” Integrity driven Darryl replies with
A client comes to the county office and applies for SNAP benefits for herself, her boyfriend, their child in common and his child. She explains that they have no food and really need to have help immediately. She states she has no income whatsoever. Select the ideal course of action for an integrity driven worker in AFS.
Whitney receives 3 voice messages from her client wanting to know the status of her SNAP application. The integrity driven Whitney decides to
Supervisor Steve learns from his County Director that they will be combining all 3 counties in their district. When relaying the information to his workers Steve
Darryl’s supervisor informs him that he will be conducting a “Gemba Walk” on coding a child care authorization Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Darryl is very nervous because he usually trades his child care applications with another worker because he has never felt like he knows what he is doing when coding child care. Integrity driven Darryl

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