Quality Service: Professionalism – Three Skills to Develop Professionally

Developing professionalism is a process that continues throughout your career. Your career in social work requires you to develop a professional relationship with the families you serve. Three skills you can employ to enhance your relationship are:

  • Warmth/Respect – Warmth/Respect can be described as a combination of interest, acceptance, non-judgmental attitude, caring-concern, and strengths identification.
  • Genuineness – continue to be yourself throughout the process of accomplishing your goals in your professional role.
  • Empathy – acknowledge you understand the client’s situation.

What is accomplished by developing these skills?

  • Conveying Warmth-Respect towards your clients promotes a sense of comfort, acceptance, and well-being.
  • Being Genuine with your clients promotes an atmosphere of honesty and will help your client to feel you’re someone they can trust.
  • Displaying Empathy communicates to the client that you understand their situation, that you are not judging them, and that you are really there to help them and their families.

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