Long Term Care (LTC): SSI-Criteria State Long Term Care Programs

Policy 317:35-5-41 and 317:35-5-42


If an SSI recipient requests long-term care services, do we have to verify income and resources?

Not unless questionable. However, the worker must still verify all long term care factors of eligibility, such as home property and transfers of assets.

Is a five year look-back necessary for SSI recipients?

Although SSI has a transfer of assets rule, they only have to look back 36 months. The worker must do a five-year lookback from date of application, even when the person receives SSI.

What if the SSI recipient’s spouse needs to go into the nursing home? Will we have to verify anything on the spouse since SSI has already verified it?

If the spouse does not receive SSI, income and resources will have to be verified.

Can we recommend that clients use excess resources to fund an Irrevocable Pre-Paid Burial Policy (IPPB) if they don’t have one?


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