SNAP: Mid Cert Renewal: Reopening

What Date and Income to use on Reopening Mid Cert Renewals

Policy 340:50-9-5; 340:50-9-1

Unfinished Issuance – Reopening SNAP food benefits

When reopening in the 7th month for semi-annual reporters or the 13th month for annual reporters, unfinished issuance cannot be used to change the income from one month to another. The correct way to process these changes is to use the higher of the actual or anticipated income to reopen, then supplement if necessary.

For example: Your client’s food benefits are in the process of being re-opened for January as she completed the renewal and provided all necessary verification. Your client has both terminated income of $590 for January and also new ongoing income for February of $1,580. You will use the higher of the income ($1,580) to reopen the food benefits and supplement for January.

Prorating SNAP benefits – 31st day of the month

When a client turns in a benefit review form on the 31st day of the month, just as you would with initial applications, you must change the date to the 30th day of the month. This allows correct proration to occur when reopening food benefits closed because the renewal was not completed.

For example: Your client turns in a complete benefit review form on May 31st. SNAP benefits were closed effective 05/01/2011 because the renewal was not completed. You will reopen the food benefits using May 30th as the reopen date and explain in case notes.

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