SSI-DCP: How Do I Submit a Request for Equipment?

SSI-DCP will not purchase any education-related equipment to be used in a school setting. Federal law requires schools to purchase such items.

** If the cost of the request equipment is over $1,000, please contact HR&MS staff for approval.**

A statement from the healthcare professional will need to list the following:

  • Name of the adaptive equipment;
  • How the item aid in accessibility and mobility;
  • Vendor name, address, phone number, and the item catalogue code and price;
  • Vendor must be approved by the state;
  • Deliver times vary and must be tracked by the local DHS
  1. In IMS, enter ausn <space> case number
  2. Enter the child’s person number from the CM screen, then enter S, next to Equipment for the AUSNE Screen (IMS)
  3. Enter the following information on the AUSNE Screen in IMS
    • FEI/SSN: The federal ID number of the vendor or company
    • TELEPHONE: Vendor’s fax number
    • QTY: How many requested
    • UNIT TYPE: How the product is sold (individual/each, set, etc.) Code “EA” in this block
    • ITEM CD: The inventory tracking number assigned by the company. If the code is too long, list in the description.
    • UNIT COST: Price per unit.
    • DESCRIPTION: Details of the product. Name, Color, and Size.

  4. A worker can enter up to three items per screen. If more screens are needed to complete an order, enter “Y” next to the NEED MORE SCREENS, then press <enter>.

How to Add More Items to the SAME Vendor:

  1. Type “AUSN” next to the line to which you need to make changes
  2. Add the items. If there are more than 3 items, enter “Y” for more screens until all the requested items have been added
  3. Check Order Status:
    Please refer to article: SSI-DCP: How Do I Check the Status of an Order?
  4. Coding Receipt of Equipment in the County Office:Please refer to article: SSI-DCP: How to Code Receipt of Equipment Screen

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