ACES: G1DX Report

The G1DX Report is used to check for discrepancies between information coded on a case and what is available through data exchanges with other entities such as SSA regarding income and other eligibility factors. The information should be investigated and the cases updated, if necessary, to prevent overpayments or underpayments from occurring. As you resolve the discrepancies, remove them from the report using the DXD transaction in IMS and document this activity in FACS Case notes. Refer to article: How to Clear G1DX Edits.

You can request a G1DX Report for an entire county office, a supervisory group, or for up to eight specified social services specialists. Select the “G1DX Report” button to generate the report.

** The County # includes the letter, for example 55C**

There are 7 possible types of G1DX discrepancies. Refer to article Types of G1DX Edits.

IEV discrepancy errors are not cleared by the case worker. There is a specialized unit which clears all IEV discrepancies.

G1DX Report

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