Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Change Calendar View and Time Scale

Calendar view settings can be changed to fit your personal preferences and to help keep you organized. Many people have their calendar set to the daily view. This is great if you only need to view the current day, but in some cases, you may want to also see what’s coming due later in the week or month so you can begin planning accordingly. To change the number of days showing on your calendar view, click the option from the ribbon that best fits your needs. You can arrange your calendar by the Day, the Work Week, the Week starting with Sunday, or the entire Month.

outlook calendar with day, week and month highlighted

From the Calendar view arrangements for Day, Work Week, or Week, you change how much space is available to input meetings or appointments on your calendar. If you need the least amount of space for details, then the 60 minute interval may fit your needs.

To change the Time Scale, Click the View tab on the ribbon. Next Click Time Scale. Several options are available for your preference.

Outlook calendar with Time Scale = 5 minutes highlighted

If you’re in reception and logging walk-in clients as they check-in, you may need an option that allows the most space for details, which is the 5-minute interval.

Outlook calendar day with 5 minute increments

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