Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create Folders for Emails

Creating folders in Outlook is a great way to stay organized. It allows you to store emails together that pertain to the same subject so they can be easily accessed when needed. The Inbox is usually the best place to create these folders but you can create a folder within any of the folders below.

To create a new folder, Right-Click In-box and Click New Folder.
Create Folder 1

From the Create New Folder window, Name the new folder something that will make sense to you (a person’s name or a common subject like Resources or SNAP) so that after you file items, you can easily find them. Make sure the Inbox is selected and Click OK.
Create Folder 2

You now have a folder titled Joe 2803 under your Inbox where you can keep important emails regarding Joe, worker 2803. You can follow the previous steps to add additional folders and/or create folders within folders, as desired.
Create Folder 3

Now that you have a folder for Joe 2803, you can begin filing important emails regarding Joe 2803. There are several ways to move and/or copy emails to your folders. You can even copy an email into one folder and then also move it into a second folder. This is useful if one item pertains to more than one category or folder.

One option to move an email into a folder is to Open the email. Click Move at the top to open a drop-down list of recently used folders. Click the folder where you want that email to be filed. If the folder you want is not listed, click “Other Folder” to show a list of all folders. As mentioned above, you can click “Copy to Folder” to copy it into one folder and then go back and click “Move” again to choose a second folder for filing purposes.

Create Folder 4

You can also move an item by dragging and dropping into a folder. Simply Click the item you wish to move, hold and drag and drop it into the folder where you want it to be filed.

Create Folder 5

You can also move multiple items at one time by clicking on the first item to be moved, hold the shift key down, and then clicking on the last item to be moved. This will highlight all of the items in between. You can then right-click in the highlighted area to do the same action to all of them, such as Move, Copy, Delete, etc.

Or by using the Control key, you can select specific items within the list to Move, Copy, Delete, etc.

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