Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create Meeting and Invite Attendees

To create a new meeting, Click New Meeting at the top of Calendar View.

Create Meeting 1

The next screen lets you fill in the attendees you wish to invite, the subject, location, date, and start/end time of the meeting. From here you can Send, make the appointment a Recurrence, and request a response from your attendees using Response Options. The Scheduling Assistant allows you to view the calendar of your invited attendees to see if they have that day and time available.

Create Meeting 2

Like an email, you can also insert documents or other items into the meeting invitation. To do this, make sure the Appointment icon is highlighted and Click the Insert tab directly above it.

Create Meeting 3

If you want to attach a document from your desktop, P: Drive, U: Drive, etc., you would then Click Attach File.

Create Meeting 4

After Clicking the location, Click the file(s) to attach and then Click Insert. You may choose multiple files by holding either the Shift or Control key while clicking the file names. This example shows the “Action Plan Safety” and “Quality Service Pledge of Commitment” files have been selected from the Desktop location.

Create Meeting 5

The file(s) you choose will show up in the memo area at the bottom of the meeting window. With everything now completed to define the meeting, Click Send to both save the meeting on your calendar and to send the request to all attendees.

Create Meeting 6

The persons you are inviting to the meeting can respond in one of three ways:
Accept: Accept the invitation
Tentative: Tentatively accept the invitation
Decline: Decline the invitation

Once the invited attendees respond to the email, an email is sent back to the meeting organizer as to which option the recipient chose. It is also possible to track attendee responses another way. Only the organizer of the meeting can do this. While still in Calendar view, Click on the meeting from the calendar and then Click Tracking near the top.

Create Meeting 7

The Tracking option will show you which invited attendees have accepted, tentatively accepted, declined, or have not responded to the meeting request.

Create Meeting 8

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