Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Forward Email as an Attachment

Sometimes you need a forwarded email to stand on its own as an attachment, apart from everything else. There are a couple of ways to make the older email an attachment to a new email. If you know in advance of starting a new email that you want to attach a previous one, Find the email you wish to attach, Click the email to highlight it, Click More, then Click Forward as Attachment.

Attachment 1

A new email automatically populates with the same subject line and the email attached.

Attachment 2

Another method to attach an email can be used if you already have the new email started and then determine you need to attach a previous one. Click Attach Item on the ribbon and then Click Outlook Item.

Attachment 3

Once the Insert Item window opens, there is a scroll bar to find the folder the email is in and another scroll bar at the bottom to find the email itself. In this example, I clicked my “Information” folder and then clicked the actual email near the bottom. You can either double-click the email or Click OK to attach it.

Attachment 4

The previous email is now attached.

Attachment 5

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