Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Make a Calendar Appointment or Meeting a Recurrence

If you have the same appointment or meeting that happens on a regular basis, you can set that event to make it a Recurrence. For example, if you have a group meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, Recurrence allows you to do a 1-time setup so it automatically shows on your calendar for each occurrence. While in Calendar View and on the Home tab, Click New Appointment.

Outlook calendar, day view, new appointment is highlighted

The appointment window opens and allows you to name a subject, location, date, and time for the appointment. After you’ve entered this information, Click Recurrence.

outlook calendar, subject = Group 25 monthly meeting, location = small conference room, start and end times listed

On the Appointment Recurrence window, you can choose the pattern frequency for your appointment. Each Recurrence pattern of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly have customized options when you click them. Following the example given above, I have checked Monthly, the third Thursday of every 1 month. Do not use the “No end date” option as it can cause complications in the future. It is recommended to set Recurrences to end 1-2 years at the most from the start date. It is also recommended if the appointment time/day/frequency changes, to come back to the Appointment Recurrence window to end the Recurrence by inputting an “End by” date rather than alter it. Then start a new appointment with a Recurrence for the new time/day/frequency. Now that you’ve filled in the Recurrence pattern and set an “End by” date, Click OK.

outlook calendar - Appointment Recurrence. Recurrence pattern = monthly, third Thursday of every 1 month

The Appointment Series tab opens to show your Recurrence. You can choose how far in advance of the meeting to receive a reminder alert. The example here is 15 minutes, which is the default setting. Click Save & Close. The appointment is now on the calendar for every 3rd Thursday of the month through 12/31/2017 at 2:00 with a 15-minute reminder.

Outlook calendar, appointment tab, 15 minutes alarm, and 'save and close' button are highlighted

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