Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Set Up 1-Click Email to Same Recipients

If you email a particular group of people on a regular basis, you can set up a “Quick Step” that allows you to start a new email to those persons without having to type in any names. First, in the Quick Steps group of the ribbon, Click the small arrow pointing down and to the right.

Click Email 1

When the Manage Quick Steps window opens, Click Team Email, which is the default name. Next Click Edit.

Click Email 2

The Edit Quick Step window will open and allow you to give the Quick Step a name and list the recipients. You can click “Show Options” to “add Cc” (Carbon copy) and “Add Bcc” (Blind carbon copy) fields. If you click “Show Options,” you can also specify the subject line and even the text of the email if it changes very little or not at all from one time to the next.

Click Email 3

Click Save once you have it filled out to your specifications.

Click Email 4

The new name of this Quick Step is now Group 25 instead of Team Email. Click OK to finish.

Click Email 5

A new email can now be generated to the named recipients with a single click on Group 25 in the mail ribbon.

Click Email 6

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