Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Use a Shared Outlook Mailbox

How to Use Email Enabled Shared Mailboxes

After your email enabled public folder has been converted to a shared mailbox it will show up in outlook below your email archive. The example is below. You might have to scroll down if you have a lot of folders. In the example below the mailbox is called Discovery Search Mailbox.

The mailbox has all the same basic structure as your regular mailbox.

How to Send Email from Shared Mailbox

If the field is not visible you can go to the options tab and select it.

Click the From box and remove any entry you have for the public folder you want to email to (do this by clicking the X to the right of the address.)

Click the from box and select Other E-mail Address

A box will come up, click the From: box again to bring up the global address list.

Start typing the name of the Public folder or shared mailbox you want to send email as. Select it from the list.

The box will be populated with the address (this is just an example).

The box will now be populated with the address in the From: field.

** Please note, the address might show @OMES.ONMICROSOFT.COM for Public Folders**

If you get an error email from “System Administrator” that states the error below. It is probably because you do not have Send Ad permission to that Public Folder or shared mailbox. You will need to contact the Public Folder or shared mailbox owner if this occurs, to request permission.

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