Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Use Read Receipt to Track an Email

Depending on the nature of an email, it may be necessary at times to request a read receipt so the sender knows when an email has been read by the recipient. First, you must be in the process of creating a new email or have an email open and preparing to reply to it or forward it on.

Next, Click the Options tab near the top of the window. While in the Options tab, Click “Request a Read Receipt.”

read 1

While in the Options tab, Click “Request a Read Receipt.”

read 2

Just because the sender requests a read receipt, it doesn’t mean the recipient has to grant it. When the recipient tries to open the email, a Microsoft Outlook window will open for the recipient that gives them the option to send the read receipt or not to send it, similar to the one shown below.

read 3

If the recipient clicks Yes, the read receipt will show in the sender’s inbox, similar to a new email.

read 4

When the read receipt is opened, it lets the sender know when the email was opened and read by the recipient.

read 5

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