Quality Service: Quality Standards Campaign Materials

The following are links to a variety of publications that make up the Quality Standards Campaign Materials. There is an assortment of Banners, Peer-to-Peer Cards, Posters, and Formal Certificates to serve as reminders for practicing Quality Service and for recognizing employees that demonstrate excellence in any of the key areas of Safety, Integrity, Professionalism, and Compassion.   Orders can be placed through the DHS Supply Warehouse on form ADM-9 (23AM009E) electronic supply order. The materials can also be viewed and downloaded from the links below.


Quality Standards Poster(15-61)

Peer-to-Peer Praise Quality Standards (C15059E)

Quality Service Certificate (C15061)

Quality Standards Peer-to-Peer (C15060E)


Quality Standards Safety (15-43A)

Peer-to-Peer Praise Safety (C15059A)

Peer-to-Peer Praise Safety (C15060A)


Quality Standards Integrity (15-43B)

Peer-to-Peer Praise Integrity (C15059B)


Quality Standards Professionalism (15-43C)

Peer-to-Peer Praise Professionalism (C15059C)


Quality Standards Compassion (15-43D)

Peer-to-Peer Praise Compassion (C15059D)

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