SNAP: ABAWD – Regained Y Months and Expedited Eligibility

All initial applications must be screened for expedited eligibility. If the client is also ABAWD (Able Bodied Adult without Dependents), expedited eligibility DOES NOT get ignored.

  • If during the interview the client claims that: he/she does not meet any of the exemptions; has not worked at least 80 hours in any 30 day period since the receipt of initial K ABAWD months to meet criteria for regained eligibility (Y months), the worker denies the application using reason ABAWD WITHOUT REQUIRED WORK HISTORY (80).
  • However, if the client claims that he/she regained eligibility AND does not have the verification with them, the worker should try to make contact with the appropriate person / agency/ etc. via phone during the interview. In other words, do their due diligence in attempting to verify.
    • If they are unsuccessful (no answer, number disconnected, refusal to provide, etc.) the worker may utilize “best available” and complete a “01 EO” certification for 3 consecutive Y months. The worker MUST case note their attempts thoroughly including name and number of contact person, the number of attempts that they made and state that “in the best interest of the client and due to the inability to verify information, worker is using client’s declaration as best information available.”
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