Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT): UpdatedEBT – Card Attendant Duties

Office EBT Printing (SNAP and Child Care)

EBT card

  • The only cards being printed in the county office after March 1, 2024 will be new SNAP clients who have never previously been issued a card for SNAP benefits and Child Care (new or replacement).
  •  All Retail Staff will need CARDR permissions to print a card in the office. If you are a Retail Staff member and do not have these permissions, please speak with your Field Manager, who will request access for you by submitting request using EPPIC HelpDesk Form | EPS (office.com)

Mailing Cards ONLY

  • All SNAP only EBT cards that need to be mailed will go through Conduent. These cards will be scheduled on CARDR under 00M. Cards placed on 00m will be sent over to Conduent each day, which will then mail to the customer.
  • All Child Care mailed cards (Linking Child Care and Mailing Child Care cards) will be scheduled on CARDR 55G.

For information on step by step instructions, see article: CARDR screen

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