SNAP: UpdatedExpedited Services FAQs

Client applied for and was certified for an EO with postponed verification on 08/18/23 for two months. Client did not return the needed verification until 09/24/23, which of course is after the initial 30 days. Is a new application and interview needed since we are changing the application date?

No. The application is good for 60 days. When the client does not return postponed verification in the first 30 days, but within the next 30 days, you change the application date and certify using the same application. A new interview is not needed.

We did an S/EO for May and June. Application date was 05/20/23. The client provided the verification. We were going to extend the benefits for 1 month. There is income on the case. Will this cause the case to go into BRR, even though we only want to extend benefits for 1 month?

Yes. This case will go into BRR and be certified for 12 months. This is supposed to happen.

We have a SNAP application with no income other than FSPI, which is more than the rent/utility expenses. Should this case be coded as an EO or a regular certification?

The FSPI does count in determining expedited eligibility. If this amount exceeds the rent and utility expenses, then the case would not be certified as an EO.

When does the client receive 2 months of benefits on an S/EO? Does the application date have to be after the 15th or on the 15th of the month?

An SE/O with an application date of the 15th or prior only issues one-month benefits. An S/EO with an application date of the 16th or after will issue two months of benefits.

Can an unfinished issuance be done on an S/EO when two months of benefits are issued because the application date is after the 15th of the month? We need to change the income for the second month to the projected income.

You cannot make a change on an S/EO when the application date is after the 15th of the month. The income is frozen at the initial month’s level. If the income will be less in the second month, then you will have to issue the client a supplement. If it is more, then the income counted for the first month will remain.

We have a family who received food stamps from the state of California for the month of November 2023. It was verified the client’s case would close for 12/01/23. Client applied for benefits in Oklahoma on November 20th with zero income. As client had received in the previous month, the case was certified as a recertification as there was no break in service. The case was listed as an untimely-expedited case on the 366 report. Should this client have certified as an EO even though she received benefits in another state the previous month?

If an expedited eligible household initially applies for food stamps in Oklahoma but has already received benefits that month in another state, the application should be denied for the initial month using code 22, needs included in another case. Then use the unfinished issuance process to certify the case as EO for the following month.

Client applied on 10/26/23, and was interviewed, and given an S/EO for two months pending verification. Client subsequently turned in new application through OKDHSLive on 11/26/23. Is the 11/26/23 a valid application? What would be the process for this scenario?

It would be a duplicate application. The worker needs to try to contact the client again to obtain the verification. The client has until the end of the certification period, 11/31/23, to provide the verification. Remedy backs off the application as it is a duplicate application.

Client applied on 10/01/23 and the application is considered expedited. Client lists that they are a student in the application, but it cannot be initially determined if the client is an eligible student. May an S/EO be given for this scenario?

Yes, the S/EO can be given pending verification of student eligibility.

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