SNAP: Household Composition

Bertha has applied for SNAP. Her minor grandchildren live with her and she is currently their legal guardian. Bertha’s daughter (Candace, age 25) is the mother of the children, and has just moved back in with Bertha. Candace’s parental rights are not terminated. Who must be included in the benefits?
Spencer is 19 years old and living with his step-father. He has applied for SNAP and states they buy and prepare food separately. Who must be included on the case?
John applied for SNAP benefits for himself and his grandchildren. His grandchildren do not live with him but do spend every day before and after school with him. John also keeps them on weekends occasionally. Who can be included in the SNAP benefits?
The client has applied for SNAP for himself, his wife, and their child. During a brief separation, the client’s wife and child were receiving benefits out of state. The benefits are still open and will not close until next month. Who is included in the benefits here if part of the household has not received benefits this month.

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