SNAP: How to Use the EO Screening Tool

To streamline the application process and determination of expedited services, DHS has approved the use of a web based program, the EO Screening Tool.

The tool itself does the calculations to determine EO eligibility based on the information entered (See the script that appears in the sections ‘Script’ and ‘EO Food Stamp Benefits Eligibility’. The use of this tool leads to a more accurate screening not only because the calculations are automated but also because the exact utility deduction amount is based on the selected utility indicator.

It is important to note that the tool is NOT an application, but a routing mechanism to lessen the client’s time in the county office.

Use and Routing:


  1. If a client approaches the reception window and indicates that they would like to apply for SNAP, Agency representative completes the tool on the computer by verbally asking the client the questions beginning with the statement “If yes is answered to any of the next four questions, the client is not eligible for EO SNAP.Remember that a name has to be added to the Client Name field, before the tool can be used.If the client’s circumstances do not fit any of the 4 initial screening questions, continue with the income / resources/ shelter / utility screening questions beginning with ‘This month…After completing the questions, click Evaluate for the result.

    If anything needs to be corrected in the screening, click Reset to start again.

  2. Scripting/instruction has been provided on the tool in in the ‘Script” section, to aid the agency representative in how to assist the client based on the screening results.
  3. If the client is screened as EO Eligible:
    • The client is asked to wait to be interviewed by the next available worker.
      • NOTE: If the client leaves before they are seen, there is no valid application and no action is taken so the agency representative completing the screening must relay that to the client (script is provided in the ‘Script’ section).
    • When the worker sees the client, he or she takes the necessary action to either place the case in Application status or create a new case using the PS1B transaction in IMS and complete the interview in FACS.
    • The client will sign form FSS-1-B to complete the application process.
    • Worker will upload the forms PS-1, FSS-1, and FSS-1-B to imaging to ensure a complete application packet is included in the case file.
  4. If the client is screened as NOT EO Eligible and:
    • If the client already has an existing case number with DHS, the client will be referred to the lobby kiosk to complete an application on OKDHSLive! (an agency representative should be available to assist the client should they have any questions about the online process).
    • If the client is new to the agency and does not have an existing case number, the client is given a paper application to fill out and leave at reception.

    In order to copy the information from the EO Screening Tool and paste into FACS Case Notes, press Copy for Case Notes button after calculation and EO Screening result has been completed.

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