SNAP: Self-Employment Income

The client has two separate sole proprietorships: a lawn business and a fence repair business. For the lawn business, the Schedule C shows a gross income of $1,000. The Schedule C for the fence repair business shows a gross income of $28,000. The client claims business expenses for both businesses. What is the correct amount to be used to calculate the countable SNAP income?
The client is a self-employed contract laborer. She applied for SNAP benefits on September 1st. She began her job on August 15th. She declared no expenses. The client’s employer stated that she will work 25 hours per week at $12 per hour. What income would we consider for the SNAP benefits?
The client owns a home in another state and is renting it out for $1,000 per month. The client hired a property management to maintain the property and pays them $100 per month. The client also has a mortgage amount of $500 per month. How is this income considered?
The client has not filed taxes for last year yet. The worker has his 2017 1040 and is trying to reach him to see if it is still representative. The worker can’t get in touch with him. The client has also submitted monthly 2018 wages. According to his 2018 income documents, he made less in 2018 than in 2017. Can the worker use the 1040 from 2017 or does the worker need to wait for the client to call back before processing his SNAP recertification?
The client works for a trucking company. The company doesn’t hold out taxes so the worker is figuring them as self-employed. The client didn’t claim expenses at certification in July, but now claims them. She states she is a contractor and goes from place to place signing contracts with clients and has to drive her own car and use her own gas. She does not get reimbursed for mileage. She has to use her own personal track phone for work purposes, and she does not get any kind of reimbursement for that either. Do these expenses count as valid work expenses since she is paying for these expenditures out-of-pocket and does not get reimbursed for them?

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