Collaborative Coaching: Targeted Post Audits

A targeted case post audit is a way for supervisors to look at a specific area of concern to spot check our process in that area. This involves focusing only on a specific form, case element, or process that has been determined to be error prone, without having to review the entire case.

For example, if your county office sees a high number of incorrect ADM-92’s then we can do a targeted post case read looking specifically at ADM-92s. We are able to do this quickly by using Workflow.

First conduct a search in Workflow for a specific worker under your supervision, select the form type you wish to spot check (for our example we will select the ADM-92), and search both workflow and files since this is a post audit. Note: If you fail to enter a specific worker, the search may be too large and fail to load properly.

Once your search results have loaded you can see the ADM-92 forms are showing in order of Doc Date with the most current form at the top.

You can then review the forms for accuracy and the results can be discussed in your collaborative coaching sessions. You can start by spot checking a set number of ADM-92’s per worker at regular intervals, adjusting for each worker as you access their accuracy and monitor their improvement.

CMOD Search screen

Another example is when a post audit on SNAP Reopens is needed. A quick way to identify OKDHSLive SNAP cases to read is by using report FS142R04 in CMOD and entering county office in the search criteria.

CMOD Search results screen

The supervisor would select the most recent for their county office. This will load the first worker in this unit.

CMOD SNAP Reopen Report

The report shows a list of SNAP reopen cases that can be post audited for accuracy and timeliness. The results can be then discussed in your collaborative coaching sessions.

Targeting our efforts specifically to areas of concern and identified error trends should be the most efficient way to get the greatest improvement where we need it most. These are just a few examples of how quickly to target and identify cases for post audit. You can probably think of others.

Knowing your county trends can help you to set intervals for targeted post audits. For example if I know that my workers have been struggling with invalid negative actions from incorrect ADM-92s, SNAP Reopens, and shelter discrepancies, I might set a goal to spot check 20 ADM-92s this week, SNAP Reopens on 5 cases next week, and check 10 applications the following week for discrepancies with the shelter amount between the application and the case.

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