SNAP: Unearned Income

Bobbie has applied for SNAP and states she currently receives around $300/month income from an Individual Indian Money (IIM) account. This income is from an individually-owned trust. Is this countable income and if so, how should the worker consider it?
John was receiving unemployment benefits in the amount of $200/week. Due to a fraud related UIB overpayment, $100 per week is being withheld from his UIB benefits. What is the countable unemployment income amount for SNAP?
Mary has applied for SNAP benefits for herself and her son. The son receives $300 per month in SSI benefits, but the son’s father is the payee for the son’s SSI. The father gives $125 of the SSI to Mary for their son’s needs. What amount of SSI should be coded on Mary’s case?
Melissa is currently receiving disability payments due to an injury sustained at her former employer. An agency outside of the company pays the disability benefits. How is this income considered?

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