Case Transfers: What to Do When Case Record is in Another County/Office

If a county office receives a request for benefits / services or any change request on an existing case in which the receiving county is not the county of record, there is no need to request a case transfer from the previous resident county.

The receiving county would teleprocess the case to a worker in their county that would handle the request. This rule would also apply, even if there was a delinquent or due review / application pending. The only instance where the previous county would need to be contacted is if an overpayment needed to be written on a previous action.

Lastly, the county will retain the case even in the event the client reports a change of address. When the client contacts another office, for an application/review/change, that office would teleprocess the case into their county/district/region to handle the request/action.*

*It is important that the County of Residence and County of Service fields are correct.

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