Enterprise Worker Association (EWA): EWA Overview

The Enterprise Worker Association (EWA) list serves many functions.  Without it, workers would not be able to gain access to Imaging/Workflow or ELDERS.  It acts as a gatekeeper function for OKDHS LIVE!  Some programs use the list to keep track of active and current employees.  State Office workers, as well as any worker across the state, can use EWA when they may know the county office and worker number for a particular case but not the worker’s name.  By utilizing EWA, they are able to find the worker who belongs to a worker number and contact that worker directly by phone or e-mail to resolve issues or questions as they come up.  There are certain persons within each county office who have the authority to update their county’s EWA so they can keep the list up-to-date as employees come and go from the office.        

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