Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create an Email Signature Line

Signature lines can add a professional look to your emails as well as give the recipient identifying information about yourself should they need to contact you in a way other than email. First, you must be in the process of creating a new email or have an email open and preparing to reply to it or forward it on.

Click Signature from the ribbon and then Click Signatures directly beneath it.

Signature 1

When the Signatures and Stationary window opens, Click New.

Signature 2

A New Signature window will open for you to give a name to the signature line template you are about to create. Click OK.

Signature 3

Next type in what you want to include in your signature line. DHS has some standards to follow when composing your signature line:

  • Font: Arial, Corbel, Calibri, and Times are the most readable/legible.
  • Use black or dark blue color only for text
  • Do not use script or calligraphy type fonts
  • Signature blocks should include, at a minimum:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Division
    • At least one phone number
    • Address, if necessary
  • Do not use quotes in your signature line. Some acceptable alternatives are:
    • DHS Mission Statement
    • DHS Resource or hotline numbers (such as Abuse and Neglect hotline, Director’s helpline)

You can use the drop-down arrows shown below to use your signature line just for New messages, just Replies/forwards, or for both. After you’ve completed the signature line and chosen your selections, Click OK.

Signature 4

Your newly created signature line will not show right away unless you Click Signature and then Click the name it was given, John, in this instance.

Signature 5

Otherwise, it will show on subsequent emails according to your specifications.

Signature 6

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