Microsoft Outlook 2010: Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create Tasks with Reminders

Using a list of tasks with a reminder that a task is due can be very beneficial to help you stay on top of things.  In some instances, it’s a thought off the top of your head that reminds you something needs to be done.  In other times, it’s a co-worker, supervisor, or an e-mail that makes you aware some type of action needs to be taken.  Whatever the case may be, staying organized is a key factor for success no matter what role you play at DHS.  Suppose something comes to mind out of the blue or a co-worker/supervisor reminds you of a pending deadline and you want to be reminded when it comes due.

From the home view of your email, Click New Items and then Click Task.

Task Reminder 1

When the Task window opens, you can fill in the fields as you deem necessary. Clicking the Reminder box and filling in a date and time can come in handy as that will be when Outlook notifies you the task is due, Click Save & Close.

Task Reminder 2

The reminder will come through your computer both as a sound and as a pop-up window at the designated time. From the pop-up window, you have some options which include “Dismiss” if the task is complete. You can also click the drop-down arrow and choose a later reminder and then click “Snooze”

Task Reminder 3

Another method to set a reminder is directly from an email that’s been received. First, Right-Click the email, hover the cursor over Follow Up, then move the cursor over and down to Click Add Reminder.

Task Reminder 4

When the Custom window opens, some of the fields are already filled in based on the current date but they can be updated as needed. The date and time of the reminder are the most important. Next Click OK. The reminder is now set.

Task Reminder 5

If you want to see and manage the list of tasks created, Click Tasks on the lower left-hand side of the Home view.

Task Reminder 6

From the list you can mark the task as complete by Clicking the small box to the left of the task or by Clicking the red flag to the right of the task. Either way of marking it complete changes the red flag on the right to a check mark and also puts a line though the task to show it’s no longer pending.

Task Reminder 7

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