Enterprise Worker Association (EWA): OKDHS Live! EWA for Zip Code Maintenance

The zip code maintenance feature of OKDHS Live! allows the administrator to view which zip codes are associated with a particular Human Services Center; which Human Services Center(s) are associated with a zip code; and has a maintenance feature so the user may associate or dis-associate zip codes with a Human Services Center.

The zip code feature is on the bottom of the Home Page selections.

zip code feature on the bottom of the Home Page selections

To see the zip codes associated with a specific Human Services Center or OKDHS Live! Renewal Center select the option “Human Services Center”, and then select the HSC or Renewal Center. The zip codes associated with that location will then display. You may also use this screen to associate (or add) a zip code to an HSC or Renewal Center.

Zip Code for county dialog

To see the Human Services Center or OKDHS Live! Renewal Center associated with a specific zip code, select the option “Zip Code” then select the specific zip code. The Human Services Centers or OKDHS Live! Renewal Centers associated with that zip code will then display.

Zip Code Assignment dialog

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