Telework: How to Connect to the OKDHS Network Remotely (Telecommute)

Telework permissions must be granted by the employee’s supervisor by submission of form 05SC001E (DSD-2). Once these permissions are in place the worker can follow these instructions to connect to the OKDHS network from the remote location.

PLEASE NOTE: The local Workstation Support Specialist (WSS) cannot go to the home to assist with the remote location computer set up. The teleworker may contact the OMES-ISD Help Desk for connectivity issues. The Help Desk numbers are (866) 521-2444 or (405) 521-HELP.


  1. Using Internet Explorer, go to the following site: and the screen below will populate and you will login as you normally do with your OKDHS user ID and password.
  2. You will need to choose one of the three options in the Realm pull down menu:
    OKDHS's Pulse Connect Secure sign on screen

    • OKDHS-Gemini Work Computer – This option will only work when accessing from a DHS computer. This will give you access to Gemini with local drive mapping and printing capabilities.
    • OKDHS-RDP Access – This option gives your RDP access to your work computer from your personal or work laptop. There is no local drive mapping or printing capabilities.
    • OKDHS-Gemini Personal Computer – This option works from ANY computer and gives you access to Gemini but without local drive mapping or printing capabilities.
  3. Once you make your choice and login for the first time you maybe prompted to install a client. If prompted when installing the client, please choose “Always” or “Run”.

For home users you will need to have administrator credentials in order to upgrade the client. Most home users are administrators on their home machines so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Pulse Secure Client

After the client has been installed on your laptop – Click the up arrow at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop and look for the icon and double click it.

Pulse Secure Client icon

This will open the Pulse client. To connect simply click the connect button and login with your domain user ID and password.

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