First Contact Resolution: First Contact Resolution – Same Day Verification

AFS staff address all customer needs at the time of their initial request for services. FCR supports staff in completing most determinations at first customer interaction, instead of requesting verifications and delaying case actions.  This in turn reduces future customer office visits and phone calls, improving timeliness and accuracy.  The goal is to provide same-day determinations whenever possible. Staff make appropriate referrals to community resources for customer needs that cannot be resolved through AFS programs.

Requesting unnecessary verifications leads to increased customer phone calls and office visits and puts an unnecessary burden on the customer. Team members are expected to use all electronic data sources and system interfaces included in the First Contact Resolution (FCR) Checklist to obtain required verifications.  AFS staff must use the Verification Guide to avoid requesting unnecessary verifications that are not already on file or not mandated by policy.

The process for obtaining verifications is outlined in the Verification Guide document.

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