Support Staff: How to Scan Documents

The following are instructions on how to use the Scanner function on the printer, and then send as email to recipient.

Scanning Document:

  • Select the “home” button on the touch screen
    Home button
  • Select “Scanner” button
    scanner button
  • Enter user code when prompted.
  • Select single or double sided
  • Select File / Store only
  • Place document in top of copier
  • Press “Start”
  • After scanning, at your computer, type the printer name of the printer you used to scan the document, in the address bar in Internet Explorer. The printer number is located on the printer itself.
  • Choose Document Server from the “Print Job / Stored File” option.
    Savin home menu
    submenu for print job / stored file option
  • Click on “Shared Folder” icon.
    folder selection window
  • Locate your document and select the “PDF” link. The document will open on the screen.
    download control screen
  • SAVE your document

Emailing Document:

  • Click the Adobe Icon. This will cause a toolbar to be displayed at the top.
    adobe acrobat logo
  • Click the envelope to email the document to the intended recipient.
    adobe ribbon menu with email document button indicated
  • Click “Send Copy”
    adobe email options panel
  • Click “Continue”
    email application panel
  • Enter email address for intended recipient.
    outlook email window with pdf attached.
**Note: After document has been saved or emailed, delete the document from Document Direct**

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