Agency View: Agency View – OTHER INCOME

Use the Other Income Tab to add or update taxable household income from other (non-employment) sources.

** Do not include non-taxable income such as Child Support, Workers Compensation, VA Income, Aid and Attendance (VA), or SNAP. However, do include SSI, as it is required for eligibility determination. **

Agency Other Income 1

Add Other Income

  • To add taxable income, click “Add income”
    • Select Income Type* (Social Security Benefits, SSI, Alimony, Dividends or Interests, Retirements, Pensions or Annuities, Rental or Royalty income, Strikers Benefits, Unemployment Compensation, Lump Sum, Other Taxable Unearned Income, Capital Gains, Investment income).
      Not Listed,
    • Amount*, rounded to nearest dollar.
    • Select Frequency

    Agency Other Income 2

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