Leadership: County Director Process – Grievance Management

Grievance facilitators provide policy, forms, and answer questions for employees who are interested in filing a grievance. Grievance facilitators are workers who maintain confidentiality with work-related information, including discipline or personnel conflicts. The county director or local administrator designates a grievance facilitator for every office or by region. The name and phone number for the grievance facilitator should be posted in a common area in each office.

Grievance facilitators need to be familiar with grievance and mediation policy, located in DHS policy OKDHS:2-1-150 through OKDHS:2-1-169, and Form 11PE011E (P-11), OKDHS Grievance Form (Click Form Link of Grievance Page), and Form P-S-97 (new Form 11PE097E), Request for Mediation Session, located on the DHS web site. Click on Forms and then select Personnel from the list.

For further guidance please reference article Human Resources: Grievance Process or the SOP.

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