Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Divorced / Separated Couples

There are married couples who decide they don’t want to be married anymore. Some find they can’t afford to live apart. This article will describe how to determine eligibility when the couple living together are separated or divorced.

Separated Couples

This applies to couples who are separated legally or informally. As long as they live together, their income and resources are considered together. SSI does the same thing.

Divorced Couples

Oklahoma became an SSI Criteria State in 10/2015. That meant that most of DHS’s eligibility policy, and its interpretation, match SSI’s. Divorced couples living together are one of the few exceptions. SSI treats a divorced couple living together as common law, so income and resources are considered together. For DHS, they are treated as individuals unless they meet Oklahoma’s definition for being common law married.

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