Contracts: Alarm Monitoring

If using Simplex Grinnell,

it is on a statewide contract and you cannot start your paperwork until after June 26th (unless otherwise notified). Since it is a statewide contract, OMES will not have the updated information on their website until then. A Signature Routing form is not required with Simplex.

Even though a signature routing form is not required, you still need to request funding approval from your County Director, Regional Director and Shawn Franks. Send the approvals and funding information to Jill Stockford. Jill will set up your PA and send you a requisition.

You will send the Requisition (from Jill Stockford) and a work plan to . No other documents are needed for these contracts.

A new contract must be done every year with a statewide contract. They do not have renewals.

If using a company other than Simplex Grinnell:

  1. Send an email to your County Director, Regional Director and Shawn Franks to approve the vendor you selected and the amount needed on the contract. Send the approvals to Jill Stockford along with the funding information and the vendor name, address and FEI#. Jill will set up your PA and send you a requisition.
  2. Verify that the vendor you selected is in the DHS system. If not, they will need to complete an ADM-135. If they are in the system but something has changed, such as their name or address, they will also need to fill out an ADM-135 with the new information so the system can be updated.
  3. Fill out an ADM-90. Send the ADM-90, specs and DHS Subrecipient Questionnaire to the vendor for approval and signature. (Request DHS Subrecipient from Contracts and Purchasing).
  4. Send the following information to :
    • Signature Routing Form
      • Make sure Division, Vendor, PA#, Original Contract Amount; Description and Contract Period are filled out. Check the appropriate action type. You will attach the approvals and write “electronic approval’ by each name and the date they approved. NOTE: If you sent an approval request when you initially requested approval for funding, this can be used.
    • Specifications (services the vendor will provide)
    • Work Plan
    • ADM-90
    • Requisition (from Jill Stockford)

RENEWALS (this is rare):

When there are no changes to the scope of work, budget, contract monitor and supervisor:

  1. Send an email to Jill Stockford explaining that there will be NO CHANGES from the current year. Include what the monthly amounts are and the vendor name and address. Jill will update the PA and will send you a change order.
  2. Send the change order to .
    NOTE: A signature routing form is NOT required when there are NO CHANGES

    If the only change is that the program monitor and/or supervisor has changed, you must submit a new work plan and the Change Order (from Jill Stockford) with the email you send to C&P. A signature routing form is NOT required.

When there are changes to the scope of work and/or budget (monthly amount):

  1. Send an email to your County Director, Regional Director and Shawn Franks for approval of the funding change or the change in the scope of work.
  2. Send the approvals to Jill Stockford with an explanation of what is changing. Jill will update your PA (if necessary) and email a modification paragraph and change order to you.
  3. Send the modification paragraph to your vendor for signature. We do not need an original signature. So this can be emailed or faxed.
  4. Once you have the signed modification, send the following to Contracts & Purchasing at :
    • completed routing slip with the approvals
    • signed modification paragraph
    • change order (from Jill Stockford)
    • work plan (ONLY if the contract monitor and/or supervisor has changed)
    • ONLY IF YOUR SCOPE HAS CHANGED, a revised scope of work. (specs)

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