Contracts: Janitorial Specifications

Updated 4-28-10

State of Oklahoma
Department of Human Services

Janitorial Services Specifications

Facility Address: 314 W Rogers El Reno, OK 73750
Facility Contact: Judy Mills
Phone Number: 405-295-2700
*Facility Square Footage: 9990

Janitorial Services Specifications

Section I – General

1.01 Scope

These technical provisions cover work to be accomplished in the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) facilities. The work covered in these specifications consists of furnishing all management supervision, janitorial employees, janitorial supplies and equipment (except for those items, if any, of state furnished supplies identified in Section V), necessary for accomplishment of complete janitorial services. All regular janitorial employees will be on the contractor’s payroll. In addition to the services included in the definition of tasks (reference Section II), incidental functions not specifically listed but normally part of janitorial responsibility as general practices within the trade shall be provided. Contractor will not be required to change light bulbs/florescent tubes, wash dishes or clean inside of appliances. Janitorial services will be accomplished in accordance with the procedures and standards stated herein.

1.02 Janitorial Personnel – Qualifications

  1. The contractor shall employ only qualified personnel who are proficient in performing janitorial services, using modern tools, methods and techniques. All janitorial personnel must be able to understand English sufficiently to comprehend spoken instructions. Janitorial personnel shall at all times be employees of the contractor.
  2. All janitorial personnel shall present a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance at all times.
  3. Eating or smoking by janitorial personnel while in the performance of their duties shall be prohibited. If janitorial personnel are allowed a break or lunch period during the course of their duties eating or smoking will be allowed in designated areas only.

1.03 Inspection

The OKDHS administrator or designee will accomplish random inspections of the facilities to evaluate the contractor’s compliance with contract terms. All incomplete or defective work requiring corrective action will be conveyed to the contractor. If performance is not maintained at an acceptable level, according to the terms of this contract, a Vendor Performance Quality Report may be filed, and cancellation of the contract may be recommended.

1.04 Building Security

  1. Keys/Access Codes: The contractor will be provided with keys or access codes to allow access to all buildings and rooms which are included in the provisions of this contract except designated areas which will be cleaned on an appointment basis during normal working hours of the janitorial personnel. Keys/access codes provided to the contractor will not be duplicated and will not be issued to any particular individual to be retained in their possession while not physically performing duties under this contract. All keys/access codes will be issued to janitorial supervisory personnel.
  2. Security: Whenever rooms or areas are locked, it will be a violation of the provisions of this contract for the janitorial personnel to permit use of the keys/access codes in their possession by any other person for the purpose of gaining access to such locked rooms or areas; and likewise, it will be a violation of this contract for janitorial personnel to open locked rooms or locked areas to permit entrance by persons other than janitorial personnel in the fulfillment of their duties. No rooms found locked will be left unattended during the cleaning process and all such rooms will be relocked by janitorial personnel after completion of cleaning duties. Rooms which should normally be locked, but are found unlocked by janitorial personnel, will be reported to the OKDHS administrator or designee.
  3. Lights: Janitorial personnel will turn off all lights, unless otherwise directed by the OKDHS administrator or designee, upon completion of their duties unless a room or area is currently in use by other than housekeeping personnel.

1.05 Safety and Fire Prevention

  1. The contractor shall be responsible for instructing janitorial personnel in appropriate safety measures. Janitorial personnel must not place mops, brooms, machines or other equipment in traffic lines or other locations in such a manner as to create safety hazards. Appropriate, neat appearing, well-kept signs to indicate “DANGER, HAZARDOES FLOORS, WALK LEFT – WALK RIGHT” or “CAUTION – WET FLOOR”, as applicable, shall be provided by the contractor. Such signs shall be displayed at all times in all areas where cleaning operations are in progress which necessitate the use of any equipment, or supplies such as buckets, wires, ladders, water, wax, etc., which cause a traffic obstruction or hazard. Janitorial personnel shall be required to interrupt their work at any time to allow people to pass. When cleaning public areas (lobbies, corridors, etc.) results in the temporary hazard of wet/slippery floors, janitorial personnel will use parallel wet mopping or cleaning procedures. Cleaning shall be accomplished so that at no time shall it be necessary for people to cross wet surface to gain access to other parts of the area.

1.06 Damages and Equipment Loss

All tasks accomplished by janitorial personnel will be performed so as to preclude damage or disfigurement to furniture and/or building structure. OKDHS expenses incurred for necessary repair or replacement will be reimbursed by the contractor. OKDHS shall not be held responsible for any item of contractor equipment which may be lost, damaged, or stolen unless loss, damage or theft is through negligence of the OKDHS employees.

1.07 Contractor Storage Area

The OKDHS shall provide adequate, secure space for storage of supplies and equipment belonging to the contractor.

Section II – Definitions of Janitorial Tasks

2.01 Floor Sweeping

Floors will be swept clean so that no dust streaks remain and no dust remains in corners, behind doors or under furniture.

2.02 Wet Mopping

Floors will be wet mopped with appropriate solutions to remove dirt and stains that cannot be removed by sweeping or vacuuming.

2.03 Floor Stripping & Finishing

  1. Stripping will be resorted to only when a floor cannot be cleaned by mopping or scrubbing or when called for by the task and frequency schedule. Floor surfaces shall be left clean and will have a uniform appearance when left dry. Movable furniture and equipment shall be removed during stripping and refinishing operations.
  2. The appropriate floor finish for different floor coverings shall be used in the application of floor finish. Finishes shall be applied to surfaces after they have been thoroughly cleaned by mopping, scrubbing, or stripping, as required.

2.04 Floor Buffering

Buffing will be accomplished according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the floor finish used. Movable furniture and equipment shall be moved during the buffing operation and then properly replaced. After buffing, all residual dirt and dust shall be removed. Spray buffing will be used to remove limited soil spots which resist mopping.

2.05 Carpet Vacuuming

Carpet vacuuming shall thoroughly remove all debris and dirt. Contractor must change vacuum bags regularly or repair/replace defective vacuum equipment to ensure maximum performance of the equipment.

2.06 Carpet Shampooing

An appropriate synthetic agent or disinfectant solution will be used to shampoo the carpets.

2.07 Spot Cleaning – Floors & Walls

Spot cleaning shall include removal of stains, spills and soil as needed to maintain clean and sanitary surfaces.

2.08 Wall Cleaning

Walls shall be cleaned to maintain a clean appearance free from dust, cobwebs, stains, streaks, lint, and marks. Glazed ceramic tile surfaces shall be free of film, streaks and deposits.

2.09 Glass Cleaning

All interior glass surfaces of the building (i.e. glass partitions, interior glass doors, entry glass doors, display cases, directory boards, and mirrors) shall be cleaned to present a neat, clear appearance at all times. Adjacent trim shall also be cleaned.

2.10 Dusting

Dusting shall be accomplished as needed to maintain a dust-free, clean environment.

2.11 Metal Surface Cleaning

Metal light switch plates, doorknobs, push plates, kick plates, vestibule enclosures, doors, metal protective corner plates, elevator call buttons/plates and other metal fixtures shall be cleaned and polished to present a clean appearance.

2.12 Furniture / Cabinet Cleaning

All furniture shall be damp wiped so as to remove dust, stains, grease, pencil, ink and other markings. Non-washable fabrics will be vacuumed. Baby-changing tables located in restrooms and shower stalls shall include the interiors. Cleaning of all other cabinets, counters and refrigerators throughout the facility will be limited to exterior surfaces.

2.13 Trash/Waste Removal

All waste receptacles will be emptied and new trashcan liners will be used as required. All trash will be removed and deposited into designated trash bins located outside the building. All waste receptacles located outside the building will be emptied and trash deposited into designated trash bins. All smoking urns located outside the building will be emptied. Smoking waste will be collected in metal containers containing sufficient water to cover the contents and then drained and deposited into designated trash bins.

2.14 Dispenser Servicing

All paper towel, toilet paper and hand soap dispensers shall be maintained with an adequate supply at all times.

2.15 Ceramic/Metal Cleaning

Commodes, urinals, washbasins, sinks and drinking fountains shall be cleaned, including under fixture edges and lips, to remove all deposits and stains, including rust and scale. Brass and chrome fittings shall be cleaned. Surfaces of walls, stall partitions, and floor base shall be cleaned. The appropriate detergent solution shall be used.

2.16 Air Vent Cleaning

All air vent grilles shall be vacuumed.

2.17 Policing of Outside Areas

Janitorial personnel shall police all outside areas covered by this contract and dispose of all trash, litter or other debris. Parking areas are to be included.

2.18 Exterior Windows

All exterior windows shall be cleaned on the inside and outside.

2.19 Desired Results

While the foregoing definitions of tasks are intended to produce a “minimal acceptable” level of performance, the contractor is encouraged to expend all possible effort to deliver “optimal achievable” results at acceptable economic levels.

Section III – Special Services

3.01 Initial Cleaning

Contractor will assume the OKDHS building as is. Upon cleaning each area for the first time the janitorial personnel shall remove all residual and accumulated dirt and soil even though such dirt and soil may have been in existence prior to the effective date of the contract.

3.02 Telephones

Telephones located in the interview rooms and lobbies will be wiped clean daily with a disinfectant cleaner or wipe.

3.03 Elevators

Cleaning of elevators shall be included in this contract. All cleaning shall be accomplished in the same manner as indicated for the cleaning of similar surfaces under other provisions of this contract.

3.04 Stairways

Cleaning of stairways shall be included in this contract. All cleaning shall be accomplished in the same manner as indicated for the cleaning of similar surfaces under other provisions of this contract.

3.05 Cleaning of Space Allocated to Contractor

  1. All wet mops heads must be rinsed after each use and replaced with new or clean dry mop heads when rinsing no longer restores them to a reasonable state of cleanliness. When not in use, all such equipment, tools, and carts will be stored or left only in the designated storage area.
  2. Dirty water and cleaning solutions shall be disposed of immediately in janitorial sinks or floor drains. Cleaning solutions shall not be disposed of in food service areas. Cleaning gear closets shall be kept in a clean and orderly manner. Sink strainers or floor drain covers shall not be removed except for cleaning purposes and will be replaced immediately after cleaning.
  3. All materials and supplies shall be stored in accordance with applicable fire regulations.

Section IV – Supplies & Equipment

4.01 Contractor Finished Supplies

The contractor will furnish all necessary supplies other than those specified in paragraph 4.02. Supplies shall be of the highest quality and the most suitable type and grade for the work called for under this contract.

4.02 Supplies Furnished by OKDHS

OKDHS will furnish all electricity and water. OKDHS shall also supply the following items for exclusive use on this contract by the contractor. Requests for replacement will be made through the OKDHS administrator or designee at the facility. The contractor shall use every means to conserve the use of OKDHS furnished supplies.

OKDHS Furnished Supplies

  • paper
  • toilet tissue
  • towels (paper single-fold, multi-fold, roll)
  • soap, (hand)
  • soap, (liquid, hand)
  • bags, (plastic (15 X 9 X 23/22 X 16 X 60) )
  • deodorizing blocks
  • spray deodorant

4.03 Equipment

The contractor shall furnish all equipment for accomplishment of this contract.

4.04 Material Safety Data Sheets

A list of chemicals used in the accomplishment of this contract, as well as Material Safety Data Sheets shall be provided to the OKDHS contract monitor or designee, upon request. Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals supplied by OKDHS will be provided to the Contractor upon request.

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