Contracts: Janitorial

New Contracts

New contracts require an invitation to Bid (ITB). State Office Contracts & Purchasing (C&P) will handle the bid/award process and notify the county what vendor was awarded.

  1. Request approval for funding from your County Director, Regional Director and Shawn Franks. Once you have their approvals, forward them along with the funding information to Jill Stockford. Jill will set up your PA funding and send you a requisition.
  2. You need to email the following information to :
    • Signature Routing Form
      • Make sure Division, Vendor, PA#, Original Contract Amount; Description and Contract Period are filled out. (Vendor will be ITB) Check the appropriate action type. For ITBs, it is Competitive Bid. This will be done electronically by sending an email to your CD, RD and Shawn Franks with voting buttons so they can be approve the funding amount you are requesting. You will attach the approval page from your email (or their approval emails) and write “electronic approval” by each name on the routing form and write the date they approved via email next to their name. NOTE: If you sent an approval request when you initially requested approval for funding, this can be used. You do not need to send another approval request.
    • Work Plan
    • Requisition (from Jill Stockford)
    • Specifications (services the vendor will provide)
    • Standard Task Frequency Chart (request from Jill Stockford)

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