Contracts: Lawn Specifications

Updated 2015

Oklahoma Department of Human Services
Performance Lawn and Ground Maintenance Specifications
Attachment A

Specifications are for comprehensive grounds keeping and are not solely for Lawn Mowing.

  1. The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, supervision and other items necessary to ensure that grounds maintenance is performed in a manner that will maintain healthy grass, trees, shrubs and plants, and present a clean, neat and professional appearance.
  2. Grass clippings shall be removed or mulched when visible after mowing. Contractor shall maintain the growth of grass height on grounds between 2 to 4 inches. The height is a guideline for a neat and professional appearance. All grounds shall look well-manicured at all times.
  3. Sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and other concrete or asphalt edges shall be edged at least every other mowing. Areas that require edging will include removal of vegetation from cracks in sidewalks, driveways, and curbs within .5 inch of the edged surface and to a depth of 2.0 inches.
  4. Grass and weeds shall be trimmed around trees, shrubs, buildings, fences, poles, posts, fire hydrants, parking lot bumper blocks, boulders and other fixed obstacles. Trimming height shall match surrounding area grass heights. All areas shall be trimmed concurrent with mowing. Damage to trees and shrubs from trimming shall be repaired by the contractor. If a plant or shrub should die or become unhealthy due to damage, the contractor will be responsible for replacing the damaged plant with a plant of same size and type.
  5. Where facilities have lawn sprinkler systems, the contractor is responsible for coordinating with building maintenance personnel ______________________, at 405-____-______ to ensure that system is set to deliver water.
    Any damage or required adjustments to the sprinkler system components must be reported immediately to the assigned DHS representative. Contractor is responsible for costs associated with damage of any sprinkler system components if damaged by contractor.
  6. The contractor shall perform general litter patrol in all areas. Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the removal and disposal of all natural debris, (tree limbs, dry brush, rodent habitats, dead animals, etc.) and man-made debris. Leaves shall be kept removed from the entire site at all times. During peak periods of leaf accumulations, leaves must be removed at least _______________ly.
  7. Areas damaged by contractor shall be seeded, sprigged or sodded to meet the standards of surrounding areas.
  8. Maintain bedding and planted areas. Water, edge, eliminate weeds in shrub and plant beds. All beds, shrubs and trees shall be mulched with three (3”) of mulch. This level will be maintained at all times.
  9. Contractor will furnish all transportation, equipment, and necessary supplies including but not restricted to: mowers, edgers, blowers, spreaders and sprayers. The contractor shall furnish, operate and maintain suitable and adequate equipment necessary to perform all tasks described in a favorable manner. The equipment furnished by the contractor must be in good repair and shall be maintained so as to produce a clean, sharp cut to the grass at all times. Equipment which in any way pulls or rips the grass or damages the turf shall not be allowed to operate under this contract.
  10. The contractor shall be responsible for the satisfactory and complete execution of the work in accordance with the true intent of the specifications. The contractor shall provide, without extra charge, all incidental items required as part of the work even though not particularly specified or indicated. It is not the responsibility of DHS to point out requirements being neglected. Any unacceptable performance which is not in accordance with the specifications of this contract shall be corrected immediately. The contractor shall keep himself/herself fully informed and comply with all local, state and federal laws, ordinance and regulations. Any permit, licensed, certifications or fees required for the performance of the work shall be obtained and paid for the by the contractor.
  11. The contractor shall be responsible for protecting and preserving from damage any and all facilities, public and private, which are adjacent to the area where the work is being performed. The contractor shall be held liable for all damages done to fixed objects including, but not limited to: signs, posts, buildings and all vegetation, including turf, trees, shrubs, and desirable natural growth. Damage shall include but no be limited to: skinning, scraping, limbing, or gouging of trees or shrubs, and rutting, scalping or tearing of turf.

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