Contracts: Security Guard Specifications

Mandatory Contractor Requirements

Contractor must maintain, during the entire life of the contract, a current/valid certification indicating they are certified by CLEET to perform the required security services. Contractor will provide a copy of this certification with the RFQ response. Responses received without a copy of current certification may result in the response not being considered for award. No purchase order will be awarded to a supplier without documentation of current certification being submitted to OKDHS.

The DCS-FORM-CP-020 Confirmation of On-Site Inspection must be completed and submitted with response to ITB. Responses received without the completed form will not be considered.

Scope of Work

Contractor must be able to provide two CLEET unarmed certified guards, five days per week, Monday through Friday, 1 shift beginning at 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM and 1 shift from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. each day, excluding State recognized holidays. There is also a requirement not to exceed 60 days from the start date of the contract for 1 temporary CLEET unarmed certified guard, which will serve 8:00 AM to 5:00PM, this temporary shift is to help establish a security posture and coverage for office security needs. One of the CLEET unarmed certified guards must act in a management function of the other two CLEET unarmed certified guards.

Contractor must be able to assign specific personnel to specific shifts. Contractor must provide CLEET certified back-up personnel to substitute when needed. The County Director or Designee must be notified immediately of any changes in security personnel assigned to this contract.

Contractor must be able to provide any equipment needed to deter dangerous and/or threatening situations. Contractor must also have a two-way communication device to a central security office.

Contractor must provide a two-way communication device to be used by OKDHS personnel to maintain a line of communication with the security personnel at all times.

Personnel assigned to the awarded contract must be neatly uniformed, physically alert, and trained in public disturbance control techniques.

Personnel assigned to the awarded contract must be prepared to control abusive, hostile, or violent visitors, handle telephone threats, and deter robbery, auto theft, and auto vandalism in the OKDHS Comanche County 16C building parking areas and OKDHS property. All incidents, including bomb threats, must be reported immediately to the County Director or Designee. Bomb threats must also be reported immediately to the Lawton Police Department. A written report is to be submitted to the County Director or Designee, detailing any disturbance and/or threat within 24 hours of occurrence.

Personnel assigned to the awarded contract must accept verbal procedural changes from the County Director or Designee, in the event of an emergency situation, or when deemed necessary for normal daily operations.

Personnel assigned to the awarded contract will follow the schedule shown below. If shift changes are required, new shift security personnel will confer with security personnel on duty regarding events of the day.

General Duties

  • To protect persons and property
  • Prevent trespass, theft, misappropriation, or wrongful concealment of merchandise, goods, or money or other tangible items
  • Provide emergency response within the scope of their training and with consent (First Aide, Fire response, etc.)
  • Identify workplace safety hazards that could impact the office, employees, or become a risk to the safety or security of employees or facility (broken windows, doors, unattended packages, etc.).
  • Respond to incidents, contain the incident if possible, and prevent further harm to personnel or the facility, remove the risk (within the scope of their training and capabilities)
  • Keep staff safety a priority and if threats exist to contact 911 and contain or remove personnel from the threat.
  • Follow daily office opening and office closing procedures
  • Appear well groomed, in uniform, and maintain a professional appearance
  • Maintain a security presence in primary Zone’s as the primary patrol paths patrol times must be varied and not on a predictable time table. Primary Zones are defined on a map located in the county office to be provided to contractor. Rounds must be made at least 5 times externally and 7 times internally per shift.
  • Maintain a daily shift, incident, and contact log – report all incidents
  • Meet with local office management daily or weekly for feedback and sharing of information.

Keys to access the facility must be in the Security Officer’s possession at all times and must not be duplicated without permission of County Director or Designee. If there is a keypad for entrance into the facility, that code will be given to the officer, but it must not be given out to any outside sources.

Timeliness is vital.

Officers must not take breaks or loiter in the work areas.

Officers will not socialize with the clients; however, courtesy and friendliness are expected.

All panic button alarms are to be considered emergencies and responded to immediately.

Officers are to read and become familiar with emergency evacuation procedures.

Officers will direct all questions, complaints, and request for equipment or services to the County Director or Designee. Do not make service calls.

Officers must direct all visitors to the Reception window for assistance. Visitors are not to be directed to employees. Visitors are not to be allowed in the work areas.

Security stations must be kept neat and clean. Nothing will be posted on the walls or on the station desks.

Towing of vehicles is not allowed without authority from County Director or Designee.

Child Support goes to court three times per month. They hold Administrative Court two times per month in the local office. Security Officers will respond to any emergency on any day as needed. If Oklahoma Child Support Services is having court and has a need for security they will make a request to the County Director to have security in the court room on those days. If there is an incident outside of the courtroom they must respond to the incident when called.

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