Administrative Assistant Processes: How to Upload Documents to Workflow

If you have a file that you need to upload in to workflow, you can do so without printing by following these steps:

  1. Open the file and click file, save as.

  2. Change the type by clicking the down arrow and selecting one of 3 options: JPG, PDF, or TIF. These are the only 3 files that workflow will allow you to upload.
  3. Save the document but know where you are saving it to. I would recommend making a folder on your desktop titled upload. After you save the document and name it what you would like, go to workflow.

    Click the tab that says upload file:

  4. Click “Browse” and navigate to where you saved your document
  5. Open the upload folder and select your document
  6. Enter the case number you want to upload the case to, select the form type, and write any details you would like noted for the document.
  7. Then click upload. The document will be in your workflow inbox:

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