Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Income Deductions (Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse)

As described in article Determining Eligibility of Eligible Individual with an Ineligible Spouse, a 2-step process is used to determine the eligibility of an eligible individual with an ineligible spouse. FACS is programmed with this 2-step process. Occasionally, the eligible individual has enough earned income to make FACS believe the eligible individual is over income for a benefit and causing edit PSE409:

The income of the person eligible for SSP (ABD) must be below the income standard for an “Eligible Individual” on Appendix C-1 Schedule VIII.A. Once it has been determined that the income of the person eligible for SSP (ABD) meets the individual income standard the system will then look at the income of the spouse to determine if the household meets either of the other income standards.

The deductions will need to be split between the spouses so that FACS sees the individual’s income is under the individual standard and the couple’s income is under the “eligible individual with an ineligible spouse” (for the SSP) or “couple” (for QMBP, SLMB, QI-1) standard.

The benefit that’s issued is based on the couple’s total countable income from Step 2.


Alice Roosevelt is applying for ABD-related benefits. She is receiving $449 in SSI. She also works earning a monthly gross of $365. Her husband Theo also works and makes a monthly gross income of $1139. They are an eligible individual with an ineligible spouse, so determining her income eligibility is a 2-step process.

Step 1: $365 – $20 = $345 – $65 = $280 / 2 = $140 (countable earned) + $447 (SSI) = $587 eligible for SSP

Step 2:
Countable earned income: $365 (hers) + $1139 (his) = $1504 – $20 = $1484 – $65 = $1419 / 2 = $709.50 or $710

$710 (couple countable earned) + $447 (her SSI) = $1157 eligible for the SSP.

Non-TANF work expense: $709 (countable earned w/ cents dropped) + $65 = $774 used for $205 for him, leaving $569 for her.

Coding Income in FACS

Alice’s Income Tab

  • Countable Earned: $365
  • Wage Indicator: Actual Federal Minimum Wage
  • Non-TANF Exp (for Step 1)L $140 + $65 = $205
  • General Income Exclusion: $20


  • Declared Monthly Amt: $449
  • Receiving: click in the box for “yes”
  • Countable Amt: $449

Theo’s Income Tab

  • Countable Earned: $1139
  • Non-TANF Work Exp: [$709 (couple’s countable earned with cents dropped) + $65 = $774. We’ve used $205 of the Non-TANF Work Exp, so that leaves ($774 – $205) = $570 to enter into the Work Exp block for Theo.
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