Administrative Assistant Processes: Asset Accountability / Annual Inventory Audit

2-21-20. Asset Management

Asset management is the responsibility of the AFS Administrative Assistant and requires coordination with certain county staff, the office of Asset Management, and oversight by the County Director, per policy, the person delegated to the inventory can request training from the Asset Management unit.

Actions associated with Asset Accountability and the Annual Inventory Audit include:

  • Asset Accountability form – initial & annual update – Form 23AM001E Asset Accountability Form is signed by employee at the time the equipment is assigned, and updated annually. Recommended update is the beginning of each Fiscal year.
  • Transfer of Assets – Form 23AM002E Asset Inventory Transaction Request is used when equipment is received into or transferred out of Asset Location. (i.e., new equipment received into county office, or equipment transferring between county offices.)
  • Surplus Equipment Pickup – submit Form 23MA095E to request surplus equipment be picked up by the supply warehouse.
  • View and update location inventory. Refer to article Administrative Assistant Processes: How to View a Location’s Inventory
  • Annual Onsite Asset Audit – Contact is received from Asset Management to schedule Annual Onsite Asset Audit. Prior to the audit, ensure that all Asset Accountability forms are current within the past twelve months. Ensure that an AA form is available for all equipment not accessible on the day of the audit. (i.e., state vehicles, laptops, and projector). Audit is conducted and notification of discrepancies is received. Ten days are allowed to respond to and clear discrepancies.
  • Maintain Inventory files – Records must be retained for three years

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