Administrative Assistant Processes: How to View a Location’s Inventory

The following are instructions on viewing a location’s inventory:

  1. Click on Financial Services. It is located on the Support Divisions dropdown menu on the InfoNet page.
  2. Click on the Finance Applications option.
  3. Log into Finance using your OKDHS U number and password.
  4. You will see 2 columns. Choose Fixed Assets Management option.
  5. Select “Print/Download Equipment Inventory (Statewide)” option from the Fixed Assets Management System Main Menu.
  6. On the FAMS Equipment Inventory by Location page; input the location number, suffix (if applicable), sort by barcode, and then click submit.

From the next page, you can view the inventory of the location, create an Excel spreadsheet, or print a PDF file.

Remember that the inventory can change day to day.

For additional information contact Gene Podszebka or Renea Al-Batati.

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