Administrative Oversight: AFS Administrative Oversight FAQs

The following are FAQs are in regards to AFS Administrative Oversight:

Who will hold the CWS personal files?
CWA should hold their personnel files.
Who will supervise the CWA’s, temps or other clerical that may remain with CWS? (AA HCM-111 says the AA will supervise other clerical and temps)?
CWS should supervise their own support staff. AAII will supervise some and CWS IV will supervise some. For example, CWA should be supervised by a CWSIV. Other support staff may be supervised by an AAII.
Will the AA’s for the District Directors complete all HR functions for the district involving hiring, promotions, transfers, discharges for CW?
CWS completes and manages their own paperwork for hiring, promotions, transfers, discharges. AFS AAII assists with providing background check forms and drug testing to new applicants. AFS AAII compiles and distributes all new employee packets to new hires.
Will CWS perform the onboarding for CW staff?
Routine onboarding activities will be completed by AFS (e.g., completing documents for background checks, drug testing, MID-1’s, benefit packets, etc.) CWA will be responsible for those tasks related to program duties or affecting program performance (e.g., finger printing and Hip B shots etc.
If AFS is responsible for reception duties how are we handling those offices in which there is only CWS staff?
CWS will be responsible for reception duties in those offices with no AFS staff and for backup reception duties as required in those that have AFS support staff.
What are we doing with the HR specialist positions and the persons currently occupying those positions?
The majority of these positions will remain with AFS to assist with the onboarding activities in those larger metro offices that already had those positions in FOD.
If AFS is responsible for receptionist duties, who is the receptionist for a situation where on one floor of the building is CWS and Child Care Licensing staff?
CWS would be responsible for reception when there are no AFS staff located on that floor.
There are some state cars that belonged to CFSD and Adoption. Who is responsible for these cars?
In those buildings where AFS is located, AFS will be responsible for cars.
Where should the time sheets of non-AFS tenant staff be located?
Time sheets for non-AFS staff will be kept where they’re currently kept. There is no reason to change this process.
Should office hours have to be followed by non-AFS tenant staff?
Yes. County directors, in collaboration with all building tenants, will be responsible for setting and maintaining hours of operation for the building.
Should non-AFS tenant staff have to attend full staff meetings for yearly mandated training?
If so, what can be done if they fail to attend?
It will be the responsibility of the non-AFS staffs’ management to ensure their employees attend and/or complete all mandated training. Non-AFS management is responsible for appropriate action when their staff is out of compliance with training requirements.
Should non-AFS tenant staff have to complete day sheets so the county director knows the whereabouts of all staff housed in their county office?
This will not be required for administrative oversight by AFS county directors, but may be practice mandated by their non-AFS management.
Should non-AFS staff have to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures of the county office or HSC?
All OKDHS employees assigned to that county office or HSC must comply with all Standard Operating Procedures for that facility.
It is current protocol, for example, to contact the child support office when the building is closed because of bad weather. Will the AFS county director continue to have the responsibility for notifying Non-AFS staff housed outside the facility when the facility is closed for inclement weather?
Yes. This protocol will not change.
Can non-AFS employees still participate in employee recognition activities in the county office?
Participation in employee recognition (ERC) activities is encouraged for all OKDHS staff assigned to the county office or HSC.
Will Time/Leave be completed for non-AFS staff?
Time/leave will be completed for non-AFS tenant employees who do not have administrative support staff located in their building.
Who will have responsibility for filing worker’s comp claims and maintenance of accident reports (ADM-46 and 46B)?
AFS county directors will be responsible for maintaining the Log of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses as well as filing worker’s comp claims and maintaining accident files.
When should issues be elevated beyond the AFS county director level?
Issues should always be resolved at the county office or HSC level if at all possible. If the AFS county director is unable to resolve the matter, they should contact their AFS regional deputy director.
What do I do if there is a problem with a county tenant who doesn’t work for AFS?
Issues with tenants of the county office should be addressed with the management of that tenant.
Will Child Welfare Services (CWS) staff continue to have after-hours access to buildings where they are stationed?
There will be no change in current protocol for CWS employees who require access to county offices at night or on weekends.

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