Administrative Oversight: AFS Administrative Oversight Task List

  • Reduced services, office closures requests
  • AFS clerical support for reception, switchboard and mail
  • Time/leave for those non-AFS staff without clerical support
  • Positions requests including Job announcements on HRIS (P-31-A), OPM-92 if needed, for AFS staff. (This includes APS staff.) Once the announcement closes, administrative support will print applicant list(s) and send to appropriate program supervisor and schedule interviews if requested.
  • Onboarding activity for new hires for all divisions (Though AFS will have the main responsibility for these duties, it is very important the Program division communicate with the AFS AA regarding EOD date to ensure availability. Also, tasks related to program duties or affecting program performance (e.g., finger printing and Hepatitis B shots) will be the responsibility of the program supervisor. Refer to article County Director Process – New Hires.
  • Provide office wide mandatory training on an annual basis for existing staff as well as new employees (Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Emergency Operations Plans (EOP), training video, drills etc.).
  • Drug testing responsibilities, in instances of reasonable suspicion, will be coordinated by the AFS County Director in accordance with Agency policy. The AFS County Director is responsible for completing the necessary documentation and arranging expedient transportation to the drug testing facility.
  • Contract Monitoring-Building and maintenance
  • Office space requests and coordination of moves/computer drops etc.
  • Office Inventory-Providing Supplies/Mail Services (The AFS County Director is responsible for office inventory through specific items may be allocated to other divisions.
  • Equipment – Purchasing / Support / Training – The AFS County Director will send requests for new equipment for non-AFS staff to the non-AFS division manager who will order the equipment and issue the purchase authorization
  • ADA Requests – Coordination with the Office of Civil Rights and Division (Requests for reasonable accommodations pursuant to OAC 340:1-11-40 et seq. are resolved, if possible, on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate supervisor. Any equipment to be purchased as an accommodation is authorized by the AFS Regional Director for AFS staff, or by the appropriate division director for non-AFS staff. If interpreter services, e.g., sign language, foreign language are needed the AFS County Director will procure the services under the appropriate contract(s) and funding will be provided by the appropriate program division.
  • Work Comp Claims – Log/Accident Files (Adm-46 and 46B)/Documentation
  • Responsible for the scheduling, maintenance and general upkeep of all State vehicles assigned to the office. This includes obtaining PS number for Comdata cards. (The PeopleSoft (PS) number will be issued after the employee information has been added to the Finance system – anywhere from 3 days to a week – so whoever will be processing the employee’s payroll will need to give the PS number to the person responsible for the cars; they in turn, can then send a request for a ComData number for the employees.).
  • Reviewing and processing ComData invoices
  • Task Manager for Workstation Support Specialist (WSS formerly known as ISSC)

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